Bespoke Training and Motivational Speaking

Bespoke Training

Our bespoke training courses are built around your business, enabling you to achieve a best fit between your specific needs and objectives on a date and at a location that is convenient for you.

The main benefit of bespoke training is that it enables your employees to maximise their time through relevant and purposeful training.  By taking the time to understand your learning needs we can design, build and deliver a training course that adds value to your business - whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporate organisation we can help.

Bespoke Training and Motivational Speaking
Bespoke Training and Motivational Speaking 2

Our lead trainer Jane Donohoe will tailor a course that:


  • Is based on your specific field

  • Meets your timescales and busy schedules


    Meets your company's objectives


    Can be presented to individuals or groups - at a location that best suits you

"Thorough - excellent delivery by Jane."

- Lisa Currie, Bethany Project

Jane Donohoe is also our Motivational Speaker

As an individual that is inspired by change, I offer motivational speeches and seminars to:


  • Motivate people to do something
  • Encourage them to perform better, and
  • Perform with more enthusiasm

I strive to do this by presenting a succinct, motivational and inspiring message to the audience.  As a successful motivational speaker I compel the audience to make a change in their lives whilst engaging and interacting with the audience.

I am an expert communicator first and foremost.  While many people have inspiring stories, not all of them possess the communication skills to convey their messages to an audience.

My proven track record shows that I do exactly this!


My last motivational speech - My Journey So Far to students at UCLAN - showed that through hard work and dedication you can make a real difference not only to yourself but those around you.


This is the maxim by which I live my life


If you would like to know more about the bespoke training and motivational speaking I provide, please contact me via or call me on 07917 238748.

Bespoke Training and Motivational Speaking