Choosing The Right Training Venue

Choosing The Right Training Venue

Choosing the right training venue to hold your training course can be crucial in ensuring you achieve positive outcomes for your attendees and your business.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the nearest location to your business is the best.  There are many factors to take into account and you need to think about what you are hoping to achieve from the training.

Holding your training away from your usual place of work gives staff a break away from distractions and a different environment can be more relaxing and help to focus on learning.

This is important, especially when the training is about wellbeing.

It was the venue – rather than location – which was the main reason why Adullam Social Enterprises trainer, Jane Donohoe, chose Beech House to hold a 5-day course next month for Adullam’s Leicester staff.

Top 5 reasons why, when choosing the right training venue, Jane chosChoosing The Right Training Venuee Beech House:


  • Conducive for effective learning due to size, the technology and the surrounding countryside of the Congleton area
  • The Cheshire countryside in the Congleton area is great for promoting wellbeing amongst learners – this is essential as it’s her specialist area
  • Ideal for staff to break out and be in a different environment – quite often staff are called upon when on site which is disruptive to effective learning
  • Friendly helpful staff that make themselves available to accommodate to all needs
  • Refreshments available – Always a nice biscuit and brew!

    Choosing The Right Training Venue
    Beech House, Congleton

    Beech House in Congleton is Adullam Homes’ preferred venue for staff training, mainly due to its central location with regard to its office and projects.  It also has great transport links, being less than a kilometre away from Congleton train station, and on-site parking.

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