Domestic Abuse Awareness


The Domestic Abuse Awareness course provides delegates with a structured understanding of Domestic Abuse, and helps explain:

  • Its causes

  • The motives of perpetrators, and

  • The impact that it has on victims

The course will provide learners with greater Domestic Abuse Awareness.  Once the course has finished, staff should be able to recognise symptoms of abuse and put into place appropriate courses of action.

Domestic Abuse Awareness
Domestic Abuse Awarenes

Why Choose This Course

The main aim of the Domestic Abuse Awareness course is to enable recognition of abuse so that it can be brought to the attention of appropriate parties - it does not advise on immediate intervention at an individual level.

Though instructor led, it requires the learner to engage with what is being taught and provides a number of opportunities for subject discussion.  Driven by qualitative data and the work of the Freedom Programme, the course is constantly updated to ensure it is in line with modern practices and research.  Common myths around Domestic Abuse are debunked by focusing on types of abuse that aren't necessarily physical in nature, including:

  • Psychological Abuse,
  • Emotional Abuse, and
  • Economic Abuse

"Very good session with very helpful prompted discussion."

- J.M Cheshire East Single Homeless Provision

Learning Outcomes

Through this course, delegates will come to understand:

~ What Domestic Abuse is, who is most at risk and when and where to get help

~ The physical and psychological effects of domestic violence and the best ways to support those who have experienced it

~ The behaviours displayed by a perpetrator and identify the do's and dont's of assisting in a Domestic Abuse case

Target Audience

Key Target Audiences For This Course Include:

~ Volunteers, practitioners and managers from all sectors - be the voluntary, statutory or independent

~ Those who feel they may be the first point of contact for victims of domestic abuse

~ People who would like to learn more about Domestic Abuse - whether they have been affected by it themselves or wish to play a part in its prevention

 Course Details

Duration of course: 1 Day

 All our attendance certificates are professionally printed and endorsed by our provision awards.

Cost: £550 per course 

excluding VAT

Price is based on a group of 12 Students, with a £55.00 charge for each additional student.  The maximum number of delegates is venue dependent.

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