Effective Communication


Effective communication forms the basis of successful relationships - but it involves more than just speaking and listening well.  To communicate effectively, you must adapt in response to particular people and situations, and this requires a willingness to develop your self-awareness and people skills over time.

This course will equip you with the skills to communicate with confidence by improving your workplace relationships and increased understanding of yourself and others.  It will also help you transfer information accurately, ask the right questions and give constructive - not destructive - criticism where it's due.

Effective Communication
Effective Communication

About The Course

The course examines the communications cycle: how people communicate - both consciously and subconsciously - and how in turn this allows others to communicate and behave effectively.  Each attendant will receive a free workbook.

Key target audiences for this course include:

  • Individuals who need to engage in effective communication - ranging from public speakers to those preparing for job interviews

  • Groups and organisations that use communication as a key part of their service - such as media, sales or political establishments

  • Anybody who wants to gain confidence in expressing their ideas

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Effective Communication course, participants will have a greater ability to:

~ Communicate with more clarity - and persuasion

~ Use their body language correctly

~ Use humour appropriately

~ Ask the right questions

~ Give constructive - not destructive - criticism and be aware of how to give polite praise and appreciation

~ Handle difficult people with greater ease

 Course Details

Duration of course: 1 Day

 All our attendance certificates are professionally printed and endorsed by our provision awards.

Cost: £550 per course 

excluding VAT

Price is based on a group of 12 Students, with a £55.00 charge for each additional student.  The maximum number of delegates is venue dependent.

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