Mental  Health  Awareness


This course provides learners with a structured understanding of mental health issues, their symptoms and the impact they can have on both the individual and wider society.

Providing an overview of the common types of mental health problems, the Mental Health Awareness course explores qualitative data and goes on to identify what the required steps are for mental well-being.  Participants will learn how to identify service users or work colleagues who are showing symptoms of mental health issues, prompting an approach to prevention or early detection.

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About The Course

The Mental Health Awareness course is instructor led with some opportunities for interaction.  Its materials are constantly updated, ensuring that the most relevant data, theories and perspectives are reflected in its content.

Key Target Audiences for this course include:

  • Staff and volunteers in the third sector, or those delivering front-line services to vulnerable adults
  • Staff and management in the commercial sector - such as companies wishing to implement well-being programmes - or line management with significant staff supervision or pastoral care responsibilities
  • Human resource professionals who would like a greater understanding of the issues and plan to implement practical strategies for increasing awareness in their workplaces

"It was refreshing to experience such passionate and knowledgeable delivery, leaving our team feeling enthused and not confused."

- N.M Career Connect

Learning Outcomes

Through the Mental Health Awareness course, delegates will:

~ Understand common mental health issues and be in a better position to identify them

~ Be able to recognise the environmental pressures faced by sufferers or mental health issues

~ Be more comfortable detecting symptoms in others and identifying courses of action

~ Empathise more, have the ability to be a calming influence and be able to offer practical advice

~ Be better able to manage people who are experiencing distress - distinguishing between the 'worried well' and those who have enduring diagnosed mental illness

~ Have a useful reference base and knowledge of where to get further information or support

 Course Details

Duration course: 1 Day

 All our attendance certificates are professionally printed and endorsed by our provision awards.

Cost: £550 per course 

excluding VAT

Price is based on a group of 12 Students, with a £55.00 charge for each additional student.  The maximum number of delegates is venue dependent.

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