Social Value

Our Social Value involves us appreciating how precious resources are allocated and used. It requires us to look beyond the price of each individual contract, public award or investment and identify what collective benefit is brought to the community.

Our Social Value Objectives

We will:

  • Provide Excellent Employment Training
  • Create Employment Opportunities
  • Support the Local Economy
  • Invest in Local Communities
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Grow Our Relationship with the Voluntary and Community Sector
  • Grow our Relationship with Local Business
  • Re-Invest Our Profits into Local Communities
Social Value Faces
Social Value Try Picture

How We Create Social Value

We create Social Value by:

  • Creating Skills and Training Opportunities
  • Creating Employment Opportunities for the Long-Term Unemployed
  • Offering Work Placements
  • Providing Career Advice and Information for Young People
  • Creating Supply Chain Opportunities for SME's and Social Enterprise
  • Developing Third Sector Opportunities Through Our Products & Services
  • Improving Market Diversity
  • Encouraging Community Engagement & Targeting Hard to Reach Groups
  • Creating Facilities that are Accessible to the Disenfranchised
  • Encouraging Fair Trade and Ethically Sound Purchasing



Any Support You Can Offer

To help us create a more Social Value initiatives and support Social Value in our communities

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