Supporting Young People Who Self-Harm


In order to support a young person who engages in self-harm, it is important that you have a basic understanding of why they engaged in this behaviour, and they couldn't find another way to express their:

  • Pain, and

  • Anguish

The Supporting Young People Who Self-Harm course allows delegates to explore the causes of self-harm and provides methods and practices that can be used in supporting a young person who engages in it.  It covers both the links and differences between self-harm and suicide and advises on intervention and treatment.

Young People Self Harm for Site

Why Choose This Course

Exploring the effects of working with a Young Person who Self-Harms, the training that the course provides covers procedures such as:

  • Understanding the reasons why young people self-harm

  • How to support young people who have self harm, and

  • How to minimise the harm they have caused

The training explores social attitudes and the effects of working with or caring for a Young Person who Self-Harms.  Participants will learn more about supporting people who self-harm, understanding why they do it and how to get it under control with techniques such as harm minimisation.

"It made me think 'outside the box' and I liked the way how all comments were valued."

- M.C. - Adullam Homes Bury Floating Support

Learning Outcomes

Through this course, learners will be able to:

~ Understand what self-harm is, its causes with regards to Young People and the wider sociological effect it can have

~ Disepl some commonly-held beliefs about Young People who Self-Harm

~ Use best practices when working with Young People who Self-Harm

Target Audience

Key Target Audiences For This Course Include:

~ Staff and volunteers delivering front-line services for Young People

~ Groups of teaching staff in schools and colleges who need to increase their awareness of the issues

~ Young people themselves,possibly with the support of their mentors, in an appropriate supportive environment

 Course Details

Duration of course: One Day

 All our attendance certificates are professionally printed and endorsed by our provision awards.

Cost: £550 per course 

excluding VAT

Price is based on a group of 12 Students, with a £55.00 charge for each additional student.  The maximum number of delegates is venue dependent.

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