ASE provides free co-production and peer mentoring training and support, across a number of regions to tenants, residents, and service users as well as providing staff training to raise awareness and the importance of co-production.

Peer Mentoring training

ASE provided training resources, support, funding, and equipment to a supported housing project in Sheffield, which enabled them to deliver an accredited peer mentoring training programme. Our peer mentoring programme has been specifically designed and tailored around supporting vulnerable tenants, residents, and services users to enable them to access and participate in accredited training, as well as offer opportunities to put their learning into practice. The service we supported went on to win a Homeless Link Excellence Award. The first accredited training programme delivered was a huge success.



Adullam have a co-production, Involvement and Engagement (CIE) Strategy. The aim of this strategy and action plan is to set out the direction of Adullam’s approach to ensure that clients, tenants, residents and service users are at the heart of everything we do. It helps us to meet our values, achieve our mission, improve our performance and shape the services we provide. By working together for one another, promoting transparency, fairness, equality, diversity, inclusion, and respect.

We are currently funding a number of co-production activities across a number of regions.  An example of which is described below.

We supported a project in Stoke on Trent which provides supported accommodation to Vulnerable People living in the community. In the past we have provided the project with funding to support them in creating an outdoor garden facility to grow food, which was co-produced with staff, residents and service users to enjoy and access 24/7. This year we provided additional funding to the project to support another initiative, which involved a range of wellbeing activities.   The money we donated has enabled the project to run regular co-production wellbeing activities. Each week the session is seeing more people attend.

The service provides a warm, friendly and safe environment for residents to creatively engage with one another.  This year our donations also paid for laptops to increase digital access and inclusion.

The Regional Manager said, “The donation from Adullam Social Enterprise is great, as it helps us to pay for materials which are expensive, so that we can run these sessions”.