Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing initiatives in the community

This year we donated money as well as materials to a project in Cheshire to support their Winter Blues Project. The service supports Vulnerable Adults, with resident needs that range from homelessness, people at risk of re offending, recovering from substance misuse, victims of abuse, and enduring mental health.

The residents are extremely vulnerable in the process of recovery, rebuilding self and framing plans for brighter futures.  Due to the current financial climate, many residents cannot afford to engage in outside activities. The Winter Blues project hosted a range of activities, where residents were provided with a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for people to enjoy. The funding we provided supported the following activities:

The Operations Manager said…. “Our Winter Blue project is a safe, secure, and fun place to be. We want people to have free access to a warm and happy place they can go to, to interact and enjoy during the dark winter months. We will run fun, educational sessions that bring people together. The donation that Adullam Social Enterprise made towards the project will help us to buy and pay for some much- needed items in order to keep this service open”.